Timber Fencing is the most common fencing around. From boundary fencing to front fences. Timber fencing is a great choice!

Our timber fencing can be customized to match your tastes, check out below for some of our common fencing styles

Single Overlap

Often referred to as "boundary fencing" or "paling fencing" single overlap fencing is the most common type of fencing in Canterbury. 

Single Overlap is most commonly used for boundary fencing between properties.

We offer single overlap fencing in both 12mm and 19mm palings 


$70/m + GST

Double Overlap

Sometimes called "Hit and Miss". Double Overlap fencing is a modern alternative to the Single Overlap fencing.

Double Overlap can also be used as front fences especially when a capping and kickboard is added. 

We offer Double Overlap fencing in all paling sizes 12mm - 25mm palings 


$80/m + GST

Butted Fencing

Butted Fencing is the most common style for front fences but can also be used for boundary fencing

Butted fencing can be built with any paling or batten size excluding 12mm thick. It is one of the most easily customisable fencing styles. 


$86/m + GST

Horizontal Fencing

Sometimes call "slat fencing".
Horizontal fencing is the top of the line for timber front fencing. 

Horizontal fencing is the premium option for front fences and detail fencing within your property 



$110/m + GST