Fence Staining


Fence Staining:

Using our airless spray systems our team can stain any fencing you have, new or old. 

Our team only uses the best quality, best value for money stains for our fence staining.  

Our team will apply a minimum of 2 coats of quality water based stain with a linseed oil additive giving high absorbency and long lasting protection. The stain also has anti fungal agents and UV absorbing pigments helping to further extend the lifespan of your fence.

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Benefits of Fence Staining:


- Reduces twisting and warping

The result from the timbers constant exposure to the aliments is often twisting and warping. Fence Staining with a quality stain works to blocks moisture absorption therefore reducing the risk of timber warping.

- Combats Rot and Mildew 

While all the timber we use is treated for external conditions, over time exposed timber will become susceptible to rot and mildew. Fence Staining will give the timber an extra barrier to moisture and extend the life of your fence.

- Reduces UV Damage

Fence Staining helps to reduce the damage done by the suns harmful UV rays.

If left unprotected a fence will overtime begin to discolor and the fibers of the timber will begin to break down causing splits and cracking of the timber. 

- Enhanced Visuals

Fence staining increases its visual appeal and give your street or yard that extra pop.

There are a number of colour options to suit everyone's tastes and can often be tied in with other colours around your property.

- Increased Life Span

The most important benefit of fence staining!

A good quality stain will increase the lifespan of your fence.


Why a stain and not a paint?

This is always a question our team is asked. Should we use a stain or paint?


Our team highly recommends using a stain over a paint on your fence for the following reasons:

- Costs

Quality stain is much cheaper and easier to apply than paint, providing the best value for money 

- Ease of Application:

Depending on the type of paint, fence painting may require a prep wash and undercoat costing valuable time (and money). This is especially necessary if the fence is weathered 

Fence staining requires minimal prep work and can normally be applied directly to the fence regardless of condition

- Protective coating

A paint "sits" on the surface of the timber and provides protection by creating a "hard shell barrier" on the outside of the timber. Over time the paint can peal and crack letting moisture in losing it protection.

A quality stain absorbs into the timber and works to keep moisture out, even as the colour of the stain fades the additives in a quality stain still work to block moisture absorption.

- Moisture Absorption

The "hard shell barrier" of paint restricts the ability of the timber to "breath" and can trap moisture in the timber making the timber more susceptible to rotting over time

Fence stain absorbs into the timber and helps create a barrier to moisture getting into the timber 

- Ongoing Maintenance

Paint will begin to crack and peal, to apply additional coats all loose paint will have to be sanded off to allow the new paint to adhered to the timber, this is a time consuming process to complete a whole fence

A stain can generally be applied directly to a faded stain coat with minimal prep. Bringing a weathered fence back to life quickly and easily   


$20/m + GST